Program for Israeli Art Studies

מיכאל חלאק

The program offered by the Institute for Israeli Art at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo, is the only one in the country focusing on Israeli art, and its faculty includes Israel’s leading curators and art scholars.

What Does the Program Include?

The program offers an historical perspective of Israeli art beginning with Christian and Jewish Art in the Land of Israel during the 19th century, through the various groups and schools of thought that developed in Israel over the years, until contemporary Israeli art. The program includes courses in a variety of thematic topics. These stimulate a critical dialogue about the visual expressions of the canon and of the various narratives of Israeli art, while addressing representations of the conflicts and the social and cultural disparities in Israel.

The curriculum includes a survey of groundbreaking exhibitions that have become historical milestones of the local art, and an introduction to the work of artists considered to be its founding figures. The program provides students the tools to observe Israeli art and offers interpretive methods for its various readings.

The medium of photography is emphasized in the program, with several courses dedicated to the foundations of Israeli photography, to local photographers and to Israeli video art.

Who Is the Program For?

For art professionals, curators, collectors, critics, writers, and for those interested in expanding their knowledge of Israeli Art. Participants in the program will receive a theoretical foundation, enriching them with extensive and current information.

Program Structure:

The program consists of 12 courses that may be taken in one year (three consecutive semesters) or divided into two years. All courses are semester-long and include 12 meetings, one and a half hours each, and guided tours of select exhibitions, lead by curators and course instructors.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Undergraduate degree (B.A.)
  2. Personal interview