The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo (MTA), established in 1994 as non-profit public institution, embraced a vision of academic excellence and community contribution since its first day. Today, there are five schools, operating seven undergraduate degree and six graduate degree programs. There are 4,000 students currently enrolled at the MTA. The school’s 8,000 graduates have achieved significant accomplishments in academia, industry, business, and in the social and public realms.

Choosing Yafo as the place of residence for the MTA is a statement of the school’s social perspective and desire to stimulate change and reduce social gaps, particularly in education. The MTA’s community involvement is based on the conviction that reducing educational gaps demands addressing systemic problems with long-term interventions, beginning with enriching and cultivating activities in elementary schools, through high school and Bagrut Exams (matriculation exams), and culminating in shifting positions towards higher education. Therefore, the Academic College promotes a number of educational initiatives in all of Yafo’s public schools, as well as in a number of schools in southern Tel Aviv.

Integrating The Institute for Israeli Art in the academic program of MTA is in itself another statement: viewing art as a vehicle for social change. South Tel Aviv and Yafo are home to several public art institutions, community galleries, private commercial galleries, and artist studios.

The Institute for Israeli Art aspires to integrate into the local cultural fabric and encourage collaborations and educational activities addressing the community in the public sphere.

The MTA seeks to develop the education and research disciplines in Israeli art, and thus not only to expand its academic activities, but also to strengthen the ties between academia, its location and the community in which it operates. All this, while maintaining an awareness of the significance and prosperity of Israeli art and the unique insight it provides into Israeli society.

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